Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Hype

The always-there-after-you-blogwalk feelings

The feel of dusting off heavy pile of dirt buried your blog

Some cleaning needs to be done

Here and there

Tidying up the code some more

This half-assed design should be completed

It will..in time


You are, the blank slate
The blank block and a blank plate
The story you build, the hype you become
The need to please while you succumb

You are a numb ore
A pure sheet of dirt's core
A dumb excuse for living
And gone without saying

You shape what you want to become
You be what you want to be
But most of the time you are the prey
Of people's thought and their dismay
Some may succeed, the winner wrote history
Some may not, engulfed by their story

(The morning of glory, 2012)