Saturday, November 8, 2008

The Beginning....


Hye folks, at last after much trials and tribulations, I managed to post an entry. Since this is the very beginning of my luvly little project, so let me introduce to you, the basis of my blog and the reason for me blogging out of nowhere.

Since this is my very 1st entry to this arithmatic of wisdom, allow me to mess with it a bit. This paragraph should be in arial, if it's not, then nevermi, nd, let us proceed. (I dun want to do a test blog...huhu..)

And this paragraph should be in Lucida Grande. If it's not then again, nevermind. Please, people dun laugh. Yes, especially u g-ha.

I guess I shall stick with Verdana as in this para. Wut do u think..? Yep, it's great...hehe

Wait, shall it be in courier...? See, notepad look, quite interessant...=] Just a few of german vocab, that i knew quite well. I remembered a moment while we're in Berlin where Che Nab (He's a guy dear sweet reader) reacted towards Hanif's confession (this, I would tell u later):

"Ein interessante Freundin"
(An interesting girlfriend)

Of coz, grammatically I think it is a bit wrong...hehe

Owh man, I'm writing in Courier...wait...

There, Arial is better. Hehe, wutever u say, dear people, I will continue writing it like this...=p

Okay, to do sumthing, the moment which is the hardest would be to start it. Now, I've started typing, and I dunnow when to end already. So, weblog, as it implies, is the log for your web (haha, evryone could say that, even Akem). Before this, you need a website, a webspace, a good ftp tool, a great website tool, a decent knowledge of HTML, a domain, a kentang foundation of applets, and a great will --- all to create a website, and to start logging your web. Now, you need google, since google will lead you to, then sign up, then there you go! I'm posting an entry to my blog..hehe...quite easy, and more importantly, it is convenient! Congrats people, ure utilizing one of the future wonders of the world.

So, why are you blogging? Is there not enough things that u could do already? Actually, I luv to write. That habit could be traced back in my schooling time. STJ (I know sum of u dun even know the existence of this school, even those in SBP). Since we have to write at least 7 entries in our journal per week, I took that as a great opportunity and I began to write. My first entry was the very boring over-exposing, over-complimenting self-obsessed story about myself. Yeah, a bored autobiographical essay. ----at least I think so...but then, when I was in form 3, my teacher (our beloved Miss Umi, oh, I hope she could read me anyone, we haven't been in contact for almost 4 years) realized there were sumthing different in my essay. She actually touched mainly on my way of writing it, not the grammar, my grammar was terrible (until now, i dun even realized if I write it grammatically correct or not). What I understood from what she said was that my essay had a great beginning rather than ordinary one day, or once upon a time, or..wutever it is and coupled with a few elements of surprise (wha! the way I'm telling u was like my essay was a great hit or bestseller, a blockbuster perhaps...hehe). That made me the center of attraction from my classmate. An ordinary boy, suddenly came up with sumthing (owh, sory dear readers, still my entry has that self-obsessing style..=p). That is the reason for my confidence in writing. Thanks a lot Miss Umi, you really pushed this ordinary boy far from his limit. =]

Actually, I've owned this account for almost 2 years, but I couldn't do a thing. Nuthing catalyze me to do it, nuthing inspire me. But then, I came across this blog of sumone which turned out to be one of my classmate. It is funny actually how I discovered his blog. There is a band out there which my friend mentioned.Cynic, have u ever heard of that? Sitting in front of my laptop (she's Queen, I named her...she turned out to be a female. I found out early of this semester since she's sensitive. Dun wory, I'll write about her later...=]) I dunnow what to do to kill the time so I google for Cynic, then member of the cynics. The first result was a blog link, and getting bored waiting for my friend, I decided to read it. Wah, ujeng? I remember the face, clearly it is in my mind. But, not the tummy...I wonder where he got that...=p (oops). But hey, people, his blog is interressant. Seriously, but since I haven't had his permission to link to him, so that could wait. His blog stimulated me (can I get rid of such biological jargon anyway?) to start a blog. His blog really is great (yeah, of coz ujeng, u could treat me later..=p). It's funny how I could land on his blog. This world is small if men never invented measures and numbers, isn't it?

So, that is how I decided to start a blog. I would like to share my thoughts to the world (a little ambitious...huhu). So, a blog, but what kind of blog?

Political blog? No, please not. There are a plenty few which you see scattered over the web. But one thing about those blogs are they are driven by their ideologies, and that is okay. Blogging is for such a purpose. Here, though, is different. ISA? Remember? That is for anyone...huhu. To be there, without trial. It is for your family, your son, your colleague, or even me. Better stop writing bout that. Well, political blogs are everywhere, so mine will not be one of it. =]

But I decided to have my own ring of blog. Sum of them would be photoblog, n others. But I don't think of having a Vlog yet. For now, not yet. That can wait...hehe.

So here's my blog. A place for me to express wutever inside me and at the same time maintain my unique narrative style (see, self-over-complimenting weirdo...=p) so that u would feel like I am sharing this with you, and only you =]. Yeah, about the header, its quite huge. Those with 600x400 res would only see that filling their screen. Dun wory my dear sweet readers, I will have it fixed ASAP.

Okay, tyme for some CoD. Later guys n gals. Leave your track please, dun hit n run...=]

"O villain, villain, smiling, damned villain!" Shakespeare


  1. heyya!!!finally huh???great job bro...for the 1st entry i guess...hahahha...that blog of your fren's sure did sumthing to u kan...stimulate shall i say???(i'm so mati wey!!!!)

    ey wey....dh abes bace baru prasan ur banner...STJrians!!!wat's in the jacket stays in the jacket....sure that will be remembered by all la q...=)

    nways,keep blogging....tau ko ske bnde2 cm gini...atleast kalo xde idea sgt kan....poems always works for u kan???ooooppppssss!!!did i just spoil ur next entry???hahahhaha!!!!

    have fun!!!

  2. pos aa mnda mnarik sket..bru tw leh nk komen pa..hak3..nwy..thnx 4 ur advice..lalala~