Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Heart


Heart is a complexity. A unique element of living things which is hard to understand. When a heart communicating with another heart, they create a wave of understanding which is hard to decipher, or maybe it will also put on a barrier which create a fake understanding of each other. The latter, not surprisingly is hard to maintain. They will give up their communication and never to reconnect again.

That is the nature of the heart. To discriminate. Without it, we will be engulfed in this world without knowing which is friend, which is foe. The heart is pure, it is us who stain it. Still, we have the right to decide: to follow, or not to follow.

Right now, a heart is tormented. The cry of agony could be heard aloud. It is suffering, tortured. As a tribute to the heart, at 5.00 am, I composed these lyrics:

Satu hati yang ku beri cintaku
Satu hati yang ku jagai
Satu hati yang ku rindui
Satu hati yang ku sayangi
Malangnya hati diambil orang

Satu hati yang buatku bahagia
Satu hati meleraikan semua
Satu hati yang ku rindui
Satu hati yang ku sayangi
Malangnya hati itu menyakiti

Oh hati dengarlah suara hatiku ini
Mengapa kau pergi jauh dariku
Oh hati mengapa kau berdiam diri
Adakah bukan hatiku untukmu?

Kaulah sinar hidupku
Kini kau mengundang kelam
Kau bahagia disampingnya
Ku dikelar kesunyian
Apakah dosa hatiku ini
Kau calari dan sakiti

Bahagialah kau hati ku doakan
Agar kau sentiasa dalam redha-Nya

(It is a song. Actually, I have wrote songs since form 2. But since my fundamentals in music is not very strong, so what I have are mainly lyrics which only I knew how to sing it. I can't play any strings. The only instrument that I was taught was trombonne, trumpette and some percussions. I will try to work it out somehow. And, this is my second malay composition. A massive of my works are in English, as a way to improve mine.)

Rest, heart. You needs time. Even if no one is willing to care for you, Allah is always with you. InsyaAllah.


  1. apsal posto jejiwang ni?hmm,btw i've changed ur nick at my blog link list...jgn mare ye...

  2. que as usual with his jiwang2 sajak/poem

  3. eyh hows dat song looks like???the background music??curious nk taw...huhuhu sape yg tlh diambil owg tuh???hihihi

  4. haven't heard of u in ages
    just dropping by to say

  5. i didnt noe my brother ni so good in poetry n terernye english die...wiii..

    anyway,salam programmitrad!wawawa ( pnin2 )

  6. K.Haf: Xdelaa marah, juz ati mengecik..=p

    Amirah: Weyh, dun generalize me lyke dat. Huhu.

    Fatin: Nanti aku try soh org nyanyi pas2 aku post...=p

    Wan: Salam..Yeah, me 2...glad 2 hv u ere. hehe...=]

    K.Cdot: Thanks but, not as good as urs...hehe
    Salam program mitrad kembali...=p

    Thanks y'all...=]

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