Sunday, November 23, 2008

Of Fork and Spoon


  1. Today is a special day, I suppose. There are people who are celebrating birthdays, having a trip sumwhere, watching movies, dating sumone special, and...blogging. Well then, everyday's a special day, if u put it that way. 
  2. My best moments are, I suppose, the 5 years I had in Seti-J (SeTuJa, or just STJ, or SMSTJ), with the rest of 2001-2005 batch (named flare88, but since we have a mix of those born in 88 n 89, let's figure out other names). Frankly speaking, these are the moments which I hardly forget the most. We've been thru highs and lows together, expanding our vision (owh man, I feel like pairing expanding with empire...=p), growing up, loving, cheating, (ok3...i'll stop here...huhu). Yeah, I miss the moment much. I wish to revisit me at that time.
  3. This is also the moment I miss them all so much. There are several occasions of reunion held, but unfortunately i can't be there [being in kmk is so much pain in d ass...haha]. Dunnow y, but, suddenly I felt like I want their presence here with me. Hm...
  4. My first tyme there, was in (oke, I can't remember months quite well...huhu), I'm the 3rd intake, along with (okay, I forgot..=p), but the 2 dat I remember quite well is tayam n sapix, since I met both 1st when I got there, and they too, are my rumate eventually, aite? hehe...
  5. My room dat tyme is AS37, our room's prefect is Abg. Hasrul, the bed below me is KA, next to me is sapix n g-rah, the opposite side is tayam, budu, muzzein, bullu, ajim. But then we hv an addition 2 d family, matpet (RIP) --- doesn't indicate he's dead, but he's transferred to another skul..=]
  6. I was placed in 1 Bohr, I could remember Razwan, Shahir, haf (he is here, in UKM..huhu) g-ha (see, this species of aquatic mammal also featured in my blog...=p) choy (another aquatic species...), amni, er...who else? owh, yeah pearl, sat, is it her or piper? conductor of our choral speaking (which turns out to b champion). Sory for those who i dun list down...respond please, the complete list of ur classmate. I beg of u, my batchmate.
  7. Though my class is 1 bohr, I spent much of my time while prep with my frens at 1 Einstein eventually (with budu, bullu, g-rah, ajim, tikom n sapix). That tyme, the monitor of 1E is g-rah, with yokoe as his assistant. Yokoe that tyme, is specky, and gossiped a lot with g-rah (guess who arise that...? hoho). 
  8. I started my sports of choice with cricket for a day, but then I change to field hockey...until now. Among us who started since the first day is emmet, g-rah, KA, sapix, tikom --- (erk, short me dear readers).
  9. Placed in English set 2, with my beloved teacher, Miss Umi. She's simply great, the one who inspired me to write, if u remember my last post. For most fellow students, she is scary, but for me she is really kind, devoted to his career as a teacher and treated us like her own son...=] I miss her much, anyone who knows how could I contact her, please help...[act, I rely on miss jas 4 this...=p]
  10. We (1B) attend interclass choral speaking competition, held during English week (if I'm not mistaken). We won, and the only phrase that I remembered until now is: "Dun give up easily, or you'll gain nothing. Perseverance is the mother of success, hardwork and prayers will do the rest..." =]
  11. For now, diz is it...I'll continue later...
  12. But for those who read this, please respond in the comments, tell me your story that time...=] (2001)...


  1. mm..nama aku ttinggal dlam as37

  2. aku tak main hoki..aku main bola kilat..haha ..ajim, kau tak bace betul2 ke ape

  3. am i suppose to feel honoured cz i've been mentioned in ur blog que??dgn that definition plak tu....*huh!*

    2001...1 bohr...a'ah..we won the choral was pearl's script and piper was the conductor...and ur fav teacher miss umi was the teacher in charge... =)

  4. You bunch of lousy people... :p Go study!!!!
    B t w - as37 is awesome!!!! :p

  5. 2001 kiter x knal lagi...
    kiter knal biler 2003 kot...x-dormmate~~ hahahah

  6. sronok2 bce entry nie...tringt zaman dlu2...

  7. she's in SDAR now. Her email is tho she's quite bz now so she rarely answers her mail.
    jejak kasih ke nih? ;p

  8. waaa...que hingat aku...terharu2..ekekeke

    really miss those silly days..


  10. lame x dgr cite kwn2 semue. pape pun, flare88 da best. xde junior yg dpt potong result kte lagi tau..hehe :)

  11. cayalah la flare88..tapi aq bkn 88... =(

  12. AKU 1 BOHR LA!!!!iysk3..ceni ah piper...

  13. saye juge ;) tak ingat eh?
    whoa ramainye kat sini!

  14. Saya pun dilupakan?

    Masa 2001 tu, saya belum masuk STJ lagi, masih di Sek Rantau Petronas

    Bersyukur dapat kenal Q,

    Sayang lagi due pada Seti-J

  15. ko da lupe ke kat aku Q?

  16. lorr...
    ciannye kt adie...dilupekn..

    sape hingat adie??? (xde org angkat tgn pun..)

    sowie la adie..kuang3

  17. piper...aku angkat sirip kire ok la kn???sian la kt adie...ku angkat half-way la..huu~

    amer,no matter wat year u were born in ur still part of batch 0105 yg!!! :)

  18. ang msuk choral speaking??aku masuk gak..lalala..nyibuk

  19. gha..ok la tue...dimaafkan...nanti adie majok..buruk...wakakaka

  20. gha..thanks for the statement.....appreciate it...wakakakaka